Our Story

W are committed to supporting our neighborhood businesses, artisans, craftsmen, charities and, generally speaking, the local industry which is the root of our community. Locavore Beer Works is founded on the belief that our local community should be the first source for all our needs.

While not everything of necessity can be found locally, we believe in a concentric circle model of sourcing our goods. We first start with our neighboring businesses. If we cannot find the product we need with the quality we demand, we expand our search to our neighboring cities, and then states. As a last resort, we look internationally.

About the Brewers

After a few years in the US Navy, Jason Reinhardt completed a degree in chemistry and until recently, spent the last two decades analyzing drinking water for pollutants all the while fostering his love for brewing. Now when not brewing beer, you might find him fine-tuning his woodworking skills or even better, casting flies in the Platte.

For Andy Nelson, making hard cider with his Dad in the 70’s gave him a life-long appreciation of creativity in fermentation. An airline pilot by trade, all he really wants to do is make beer and chew the fat in the taproom.

Our goal is to bring the “neighbor” back into the neighborhood.